Polygon table by Pedro Amaro Santos

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So Chemits have the Periodic Table, Designers have Font and Color Tables. What do CG Modelers have? (It's not rhetorical, if you know something, plz tell).

So i have the idea of a Table or Tables, good both for begginers (to get in touch with concepts in 3D) and for the experts (stuff that is handy to know, but not really interesting to have in memory, just a reminder). My concerning is more about Subdivision, but if you have ideas for other stuff, it's all good.

Questions are:

My first sketch of its about the Vertex Number around groups of polys and what happens inside of them.
I have too much info for now, it could go only up to 10 Vertex, since 12 doesn't say much and 16 is a repetion of 8. 3 could be gone too.
The reason i put the extrusion there and repeat it 2 times its because it might be cool to see how the polygroups works in Sub-D, and an extrusion is better than just the polygroup to understand that.

Please correct me for whatever you see wrong there. Wether is terminology(vertex? extrusion?), references, presentation, etc. If this gives you ideas, feel free to sketch them back here. Wether it's a table for 3D, a new sign language or a puzzle videogame Cheers.

This time a Elbow Table. In wich one could take in account what kind of geometry he wants to use before it starts to work. And a begginer could understand more about Subpatching from it.

It would be cool to have this kind of Tables if they help you to predict better what you are going to do and wich will fit better your objectives.

This mentality could be applyed for Rigs, Render settings, etc. They could help to structure your workflow. It's like having an information poster on the studio. Better then video tutorials sometimes. And it could save you time and others, instead of doing everything from memory. "I know i have to turn something off, but what is it?...". And you might spend more time doing the stuff than remembering stuff.

Oh Well, maybe im just going